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    Senior Cricket Bats

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    Initial Bat Knocking In Service


    Initial Bat Knocking In Service

    To ensure your new Cricket Bat helps you produce match winning innings for years to come, it needs to be properly knocked in before use.

    Even if you purchased a "pre knocked in" bat, further knocking is always required.

    Andrew Kember, the owner of The Salix Bat Making Company, the Rolls Royce of Bats, says;

    ‘The most vital part of the craft of bat making is blade pressing. Many people don’t know Willow is a soft timber. So pressing is vital to enable it to stand up to the destructive force generated by the collision of a cricket ball bowled at pace and a bat swung with force.’

    But the finished bat still needs a final hardening, as the mechanical presses are unable to completely protect the bat. Or get the perfect performance required from the blade.This requires knocking in by hand with a mallet.

    There are four areas that need to be prepared on your bat: the face, the toe and each edge. The main areas of focus are the edges and the toe, but you still need to spend some time on the face.

    Knocking in is the process of hardening and conditioning the blade's surface. There are two reasons for knocking in; firstly, it protects the bat from cracking as well as increasing its usable life. Secondly, it improves the middle of the bat so the middle is bigger and better.

    For some, the knocking in process is a pleasure. But for most people, knocking in is a time consuming, noisy and monotonous process.

    So why not save yourself time and effort and get an initial knocking in done for you?

    The Game Set and Match initial knocking in service is free when your bat is purchased from us. This free 'First Stage' service includes oiling, rolling the blade face and knocking in the edges, to initial nets standard.

    If your new bat was bought elsewhere, there is a minimum charge of £40 for this initial knocking in service.

    To discuss your requirements please call Andrew ‘Boss’ Barnes on (01243) 538800.


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