Chase R7 Vortex Bat

Chase R7 Vortex Bat

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big hitter

see the ball, hit the ball

Massive profile with explosive performance for the big hitter.
Exquisitely balanced and high performing to play big entertaining shots.
A modern shaped bat with a giant middle and big edges is ideal for the short game.

  • Pro-grip. Multi-textured, high quality latex
    Prevents movement through the shot
  • Traditional semi-oval handle
    For ultimate comfort and control
  • Grip-grab applied to all bats
    Secures grip in position, no need for tape
  • Chrome printed and embossed labels
  • Massive profile
    Explosive performance
  • A gigantic middle
    Hit big with every connection
  • Semi-flat face profile
    To maximise edge size
  • Angled toe
    Prevents feathering caused by tapping down
  • Acetone sealant applied to the toe
    Prevents water damage

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