Adidas Chaosfury Kromaskin .3

Adidas Chaosfury Kromaskin .3

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A franchise for the player that wants to cause chaos on the pitch, especially in the D. The ultra low bow makes anything possible from 3D skills, deceptive passing and ultimate ball speed.

A softer feeling stick from the Chaosfury franchise for the player that wants an increased level of touch and feel without compromising power. Kromaskin technology increases consistency so you can have complete trust in every move.

BOW: Ultra Low Bow - AX Shape - 200mm/24mm

HEAD SHAPE: Pure Control


• KROMASKIN / PARTIAL STICK COVERAGE: Ultra thin carbon fibre wrapping the stick, improving structural performance.
• SPREAD TOW CARBON: Higher strength to weight ratio, increases power generation and durability of the stick.
• 3D GEOMETRY: Stiffens the shaft, increasing hitting power.
• EPOXY CORE: In the head, helps to produce a more consistent structure, improving the response when passing and receiving the ball.

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