Bat Wax

Bat Wax

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Salix Bat Wax is basically linseed oil in a solid state which both seals and nourishes the wood in an easy and controlled application.   This is the product we use in our own production in final polishing.

The wax has been especially formulated for us: after years of seeing bats either insufficiently oiled, or drenched brown by an overzealous pouring, we thought cricket bats (especially handmade bats) should get the same treatment as fine furniture or shoes.  Bat Wax acts like an oil by nourishing the willow, like a protective wax by sealing the grain and like a polish as it buffs up after application to make the blade shiny rather than oily.

Directions for use are simple: apply regular light coats as you would linseed oil. However, the wax will dry quickly so can be buffed for use straight away, or can be left for a couple of hours to let the wax soak into the wood before buffing to a shine.

Available in 2 sizes of stylish (and recyclable) aluminium tins - 15ml and 60ml.  The 15ml size is ideal for one bat, the larger for multiple bats or to last over seasons.
The smart way to care for cricket bats.

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