Gray-Nicolls Supernova 100 Bat

Gray-Nicolls Supernova 100 Bat

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For those that rely more on touch and hard graft, that is where the Supernova excels. Its appeal is the craftsmanship that has gone into creating this beautiful bat. 12 months of shaping and re-shaping, contouring and refining have left us with a bat that will help you generate maximum hand speed, threading the ball through gaps that opposition captains didn't know were there.

The Supernova Infrared 100 will suit those playing school or junior cricket, presented in sizes from 4 – short handle. We can't promise to score the runs for you, but we'll give a great chance.

The Supernova InfraRed 100 cricket bat is from grade 4 English willow. Your blade will feature minor blemishes and looser, less frequent grains, but fantastic performance at your chosen price point. The fibre tape cover will give your willow an extra layer of protection, and you added peace of mind.