Gray-Nicolls Supernova XP1 Smash

Gray-Nicolls Supernova XP1 Smash

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Picking a first cricket bat is a huge decision - and a daunting one. Your child will want it to look eye-catching and to fly off the middle. You will want to ensure you are getting a good deal. With the Supernova XP1 Smash Kashmir Willow cricket bat, you are getting fantastic value for money and unbeatable performance – the perfect combination.

Just one look at the InfraRed’s bold design will end the search for your child. The long, red spine sticker that appears to multiply the size of the bat by five, giving the sweet spot an imposing, almost improbable look. The asymmetric black and red face sticker offer yet more dynamism, while the addition of the black and white chequerboard, so iconic to Gray-Nicolls, deliver the stamp of approval a parent might require – a true mark of quality.

The Supernova Infrared Smash will suit those playing school or junior cricket, presented in sizes from 4 – harrow and comes with Willow Anti Scuff facing and fibre edge tape.  A painted back will provide additional durability to this ideal starter cricket bat. We can’t promise to score the runs for you, but we’ll give a great chance.

The Supernova InfraRed Smash cricket bat is from Kashmir willow and has been bleached to give its colour. However, you can be assured that this bat will perform above your expectations, as all Gray-Nicolls products should do.