Gray Nicolls Supernova 1000 Wicket Keeping Gloves

Gray Nicolls Supernova 1000 Wicket Keeping Gloves

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The Supernova's come in the same black and red as the sister bat in the range, and promise high performance from junior cricket all the way to Tests.

Made from ultra-lightweight PU with mesh panels, the Supernova is a high-performance glove worn and tested by some of Gray-Nicolls' wicketkeeping ambassadors.

The Octopus Grip with leather backing makes these wicketkeeping gloves supremely responsive, enabling the wearer to cling on to even the toughest of chances.

Couple with this the T-Shape webbing between thumb and forefinger and the result is a vast catching area and extreme grip. The wicketkeeping gloves feature the traditional square cuff, helping with mobility when diving and landing awkwardly.

These are some of the lightest wicketkeeping gloves on the market. To complement the ultra-lightweight PU was have also engineered the glove to feature amazing ultra-light finger thimbles using our Vapour foam. There is no danger of hand fatigue in the Supernova wicketkeeping gloves.

The finishing touch of the glove is a further layer of protection from a thick outside edge or prodigious movement off a variable pitch. The leather cuff comes with built-in high-density foam padding, saving your wrists from the potential pain that often comes with a sudden deviation.

Our new Supernova range of products promises to catch the eye and strike fear into the opposition. When they see a wicketkeeper wearing these bold gloves, they'll know you mean business.


  • Ultra lightweight PU glove with mesh panels, a dynamic looking glove for an all action wicketkeeper
  • Octopus Grip with leather backing for outstanding ball control under pressure
  • Traditional square cuff with T-Shape webbing for excellent mobility, and strong catching support
  • Ultra-light finger thimbles with Vapour foam to ensure weightless feel for wicketkeeper
  • Leather cuff with high-density foam padding, offering extra protection to wicketkeepers following thick edges or variable bounce