Supernova Thunder Batting Gloves

Supernova Thunder Batting Gloves

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The Supernova Thunder batting glove is an eye-catching junior product that fills youngsters with immense confidence, and bowlers with despair. The thrilling red flash down the middle two fingers and thumb has intimidation all over it. With the Supernova Thunder batting glove, your child is ready for battle.

The gloves have been designed to give an almost weightless feel, an essential feature for batting gloves that are meant to be used in junior cricket. The more strength a child can use for the swinging the bat, the better.

Meanwhile, the Tri-Layer protection with fibre shield ensure the ultimate protection against hard impact, each layer reducing the cumulative effect of the ball, particularly when bowling speeds begin to increase.

We have used a fantastic Select leather material for the palm of the Supernova Thunder to give the perfect blend of comfort, performance and longevity that is so crucial in junior cricket.

The Gray-Nicolls design team packed as much technology into this entry-level glove as possible, while still maintaining its lightweight feel. Pre-curved thumbs, split into two sections, are an excellent example of this. The user will require no wearing-in process – pick up and play, and feel the flexibility benefits that the split thumb offers.

Our new Supernova Thunder batting gloves are the result of much designing and testing. They tick all the boxes required for a batting glove in junior cricket – comfortable, protective, and visually striking.


  • Select leather palm for fantastic comfort and durability – so crucial for junior cricket
  • Two section thumb gives extra mobility and fantastic protection.
  • Pre-curved for pick-up and play use
  • Triple layer protection to absorb impact and give young players confidence