Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel DII 2018/19

Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel DII 2018/19

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Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel DII Hockey Stick.

The Taboo stick range was developed to meet Gryphon's International Player Specification (IPS). IPS is the standard applied to Gryphon's very best sticks. The Taboo stick boasts awesome power capability.

Taboo Blue Steel DII has an ultra stiff feel with a responsive and instant touch.

The Taboo D11 is a hybrid shape which combines the best features of mid and low curve shapes. The Taboo DII stick gives you extra power and control to drag flick, easy lifts for your overheads and 3D skills. 

 Key features;

Lengths 36.5 inches, 37.5 inches. 
Weight Light
Head Shape Oversized Maxi
Curve Position  205 mm
Maximum Curve  23 mm