TK 1 Plus Late Bow Bronze

TK 1 Plus Late Bow Bronze

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Shape: Late Bow

Technology: 24K Japanese Carbon, IDS, NPR

Composition: 50% 24K Carbon, 40% Glassfibre, 10% Aramid

Colour: Black-Bronze

A new model for 2022 to showcase what top-end TK performance can offer your game.

The highest level of materials, technology and enviable looks. The TK 1 Plus Bronze arrives in a classic colour scheme.

24K Carbon gives you maximum power output and ultra-lightweight. The IDS system will take care of any vibrations, whilst the NPR spread throughout the construction of the stick further enhances the stiffness and that silky-smooth feel.

All this is combined with our LATE BOW profile for those looking to be more aggressive in their game



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