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We have created something we are quite proud of for our site called the 'stick selector'. We decided to create this helpful tool for many reasons, mostly based around conversations we have with customers, colleagues, brand reps and players. We listed and explained our reasons below!

Please note that all of our definitions are based on opinion, but they are the opinions of high levels players and coaches who have a huge wealth of experience in the game and in the trade. Our stock is live to what is available at the time of viewing so more sticks will become available in the next few weeks as our larger stock orders arrive.

Myth Busting

There is a perception (some might say a slightly outdated perception) that defenders must use a ‘straighter’ heavier stick whilst strikers should use a light, extremely late bow. Whilst these statements may be true for certain individuals, this cannot be said for everyone. We believe that there is no such thing as a stick to suit a position, more a stick to suit a player’s technique or playing style.

Jargon Busting

Each manufacturer has a different term for stick bends or ‘bow’. Some end up being extremely similar in bow position and amount of bow but their name could be quite different. We thought it would be a good idea to categorise sticks for people who know what they prefer when it comes to bow but may be unsure of what each brand's definitions mean. We also outline what our definition of the categories are to make sure people understand our categorisation.  This should mean that beginners should also be able to get an understanding as to why these different bows exist and what they may want to look for.

How do I choose a bow?

We believe that people should consider what they do most regularly or what they think they would like to be able to improve on when purchasing a stick. If you are looking to improve your drag flick for instance, you may want to look at a “Specialist Bow” stick. A word of warning though, whenever you change you stick shape even a small amount, there will need to be an adjusting of technique in almost all areas to accommodate the change of shape. We estimate that 3 to 4 training sessions allows time for you to adjust smaller things such as first touch and dribble feel, however things link upright clip hitting may be impacted more significantly and this can take a season or more to get used to. We already recommend that you try a stick before purchasing, but if this is not possible or you are desperate to get a stick in hand as soon as it is available, then do bare this in mind!

Where can I find the stick selector?

You can find it on our website by following this Link;

We hope you find the stick selector useful and it aids you online shopping or just narrowing down your options. If in doubt please always feel free to call us in store on 01243 538800, you will always be able to speak to someone who is a hockey nut and would love to help!

Happy Selecting!

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