Game Set & Match Stick Selector


Whether you are new to the game, or simply know what you like, the Game Set & Match Stick Selector will help you narrow down the sometimes broad and confusing hockey stick options to a selection of stick in your favoured shape. Find below some Jargon busting and a description and link to each of our Bow selections below.

The definitions we provide below are ones that we as experienced hockey players believe to be fair representation of the sticks within that category. These are our opinions and other definitions do exist.

'Bow' - The bow of a hockey stick refers to the curve in the stick shaft which can aid certain skills depending on its placement. Most sticks now use the full amount of bow allowed by the rules (25mm). The peak point at which the maximum curve is found will define the bow point of a stick. The closer to the end of the stick (the hook end) the lower/later the bow. The latest/lowest this peak is allowed on the stick is 200mm from the end.


3D Skills - Lifting the ball over the opponents stick from the ground. This includes dinks, lifts and squeezing the ball between the turf and stick to beat a flat stick challenge.

Watch the video below to see some of hockey's best ever 3D skills.

 Mid bow sticks

These are sticks that bow higher up the stick closer to the handle, which makes them feel straighter than later bow sticks. Great for upright clip hitting and learning the basics. Some internationals swear by this shape in their preferred brand. Click on the title above to see our selection of Mid Bow Sticks.

Game Set and Match MBow Diagram

Control Bow sticks

These sticks offer a slightly later bow than Mid Bow Sticks, but an earlier bow than Late Bow sticks. These sticks offer a great combination for first touch and dribbling with some more assistance for '3D skills', aerials and drag flicking than the Mid Bow options. A good middle ground for play makers. Click on the title above to see our selection of Control Bow Sticks.

Late Bow Sticks

Late Bow sticks offer a bow lower down the stick again which aids '3D skills' such as dinks and lifts whilst attempting to eliminate players. This bow also assists aerials and drag flicking. This later bow can make reverse stick hitting easier as the hands do not need to get quite as low to ensure a good contact. Upright hitting on the ground can still be executed with an adjustment in technique. Technical, all round players tend to enjoy these attributes. Click on the title above to see our selection of Late Bow Sticks.

Specialist Bow Sticks

Specialist Bow Sticks are sticks that provide a later than late bow. Some will have concave faces or shafts in attempt to increase drag flicking power or control. Most of the these sticks will be the manufacturers latest bow. Ideal for specialist drag flickers and lots of assistance for 3D skills. Reverse stick hitting is assisted further as the hands do need need to be as low as other bows for a clean contact. Upright hitting on the ground requires a larger adjustment in technique than other bows but can be achieved by experienced users of this bow. Drag Flickers and aerial pass enthusiasts, these are for you. Click on the title above selection of Specialist Bow Sticks.