Gray Nicolls Wheelie Bin Stumps

Gray Nicolls Wheelie Bin Stumps

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Gray-Nicolls want to make the game of cricket as accessible as possible. To do that, we want you to be able to play it anywhere, be it at your local club, school, or even on the street. If you are confined to the street, why not grab some new Gray-Nicolls Sticker Stumps to make your game more realistic?

The Sticker Stumps are brilliant for making your game authentic. Whatever you want to use as the wicket, you'll be adding a Stump Sticker to it to make a target. The Sticker will adhere to wheelie bins, fences, trees, lampposts or anything else you can think of – perfect for urban settings.

Coming in at 28 inches high, the Sticker Stumps are full sized, allowing for realistic performance. If you are looking to take your backyard cricket to another level, the Sticker Stumps are a must-have item.


  • Can be stuck to fences, walls and bins
  • Depicts a 28 inch set of stumps
  • Ideal for backyard cricketers

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