Osaka FutureLab  2022

Osaka FutureLab 2022

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The Futurelab collection is Osaka’s answer to the new design trend that has come to the sport in recent years.
Composites have allowed manufacturers to approach shape design more boldly than we have ever been
able to, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on this one.

First of all Osaka decided to remain true to the general shape and geometry of the sticks they have designed
and constructed over the past 10 years. Osaka have remained within the constraints to ensure we maintain ourtrademark Osaka feeling when controlling and hitting the ball.

Unique features include: The hookslot, we have taken a chunk out of the hook, this gives you greater control
when dragging the ball or performing skills.We have also completely redesigned the backside of the stick,
the carefully designed geometry ensures we have more surface area which results in extra stiffness at a
reduced weight penalty. Simply put, these sticks are lighter but offer better stiffness than their traditional
counterparts. We anticipate that the Futurelab collection will lay the framework for all our future stick design
• Hookslot – increased dragging ball control and skills
• Superior weight/stiffness ratio
• Minimum weight (500g)

  • 45% carbon, 50% glass fibre, 5% kevlar

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